Growth  & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Growth & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Transform Your Business with the Exit in Mind

Broker Opinion of Value vs. Certified Business Valuation 

Knowing what your business is worth can help make educated decisions on exit strategies, loans, insurance needs and more.  There are different types of valuations available, depending on whether it is for a specific legal need 

or if selling and need an estimate of value for listing the business. 

Valuations Require an Extensive List of 

Financial & Legal Documents to be Reviewed

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Broker Opinion of Value BOV (non-certified valuation)

A Broker Opinion of value, BOV, is a very good estimation of business value, similar to how a Realtor provides a comparative market analysis to a homeowner.  It is for the purpose of marketing the business and brokering a transaction to get it sold. 

In addition, owners want an annual estimate of value to show trend lines to buyers. 

Business Broker/Intermediary Valuator

Certified Business Valuation

Court case?  Dissolving a business through court (divorce, probate)?  Exiting and have divided interests for each partner? Need an SBA loan?

Certified business valuations are needed for litigation support, are used to get SBA loans, and for insurance requirements. They are also used for exit strategy purposes, especially when Buy/Sell agreements are in place. 

Certified Business Valuator (CVA)