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What's Your Endgame? Transitioning Business Owners from Business to Eternity
What's Your Endgame? Transitioning Business Owners from Business to Eternity
Exit Planning| Value Acceleration | Advisory| Valuations | Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Strategic Planning and StrategyX Implementation

Our strategic planning includes:

    • Profit Acceleration and Value Builder methodologies
    • StrategyX (SX) Platform, when purchased separately
      • #1 Digital Manager to help leaders and managers grow their businesses with structure, visibility & automation. 
      • Initial implementation includes help with setting up the platform with a specific onboarding process. 
      • Need extra help narrowing the focus, getting the KPIs right, setting timelines and more?  Additional  2 Day Planning event available with your leadership team to strategicallyplan and track annual goals, projects, KPIs +
      • Overview of SOPs, KPI tracking, and all value engines for growth, fulfillment and implementation, used to define the Quarterly Strategic Plans and track progress against the plan. 
      • Implementation of the Automatic Customer 5 step package over 3 months

Annual strategic planning meeting 

    • Review of previous year's milestones
    • Analysis of modifications needed to continue growth
    • Creation of new KPIs, projects, goals, milestones
    • Up to 10 participants in one group or broken into smaller breakout sessions with different departments if your business is large enough. 

There is a base fee of $7500 for the 2 days, which includes 

all materials for 10 participants, and all travel expenses within the 48 contiguous US States*

There will be an additional fee to implement the SX platform, collected by the SX account executives. Continuing management of the SX platform or additional consulting will incur an additional fee.

*Each additional participant: $300 
Multiple department breakout sessions leading to more than 10 total participants or
requiring different types of materials will incur additional fees.
Travel outside of the contiguous USA could incur additional charges 

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Annual Strategic Planning for 10 participants