Growth  & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Growth & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Transform Your Business with the Exit in Mind

12 Month Mastermind
​1x/mo 1st Monday of the Month
​1.5 hours
​Starts: Nov 7, 2022

​Drop into the Group at any time throughout the year 
after going through the Fast Track Program

Service Description

The Value Builder System™ involves 12 different steps, each one building on the last, 

which are proven to work when applied over time. 

Tens of thousands of business owners have leveraged The Value Builder System™ and the results are impressive:

The average owner entering our program achieves a score of 59 out of 100 on the Value Builder Score questionnaire.

Those who complete the 12 steps in the process and improve their score to a 90 + out of 100 

on the Value Builder questionnaire are receiving average offers of 7.1 times pre-tax profit.

For those who have received a written acquisition offer in the last year, the average bid is 3.5 times pre-tax profit. 

Fast Track Groups will consist of 15 different business owners who will be exposed to the entire Value Builder System 

that over 60,000 owners worldwide have used to systematically grow the value of their business.