Growth  & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Growth & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Transform Your Business with the Exit in Mind

Why and When Your Business Should Get a Certified vs Non-Certified Valuation

  • List of Documents Needed to Start either valuation >> HERE

Certified Valuations: 

    • Succession planning and/or Retirement planning
    • Estate & Gift Tax, tax planning that requires an allocation of a value
    • Selling the business/ mergers & acquisitions 
    • Buy/sell agreements and Insurance 
    • SBA loans and other types of financing when required
    • Litigation: Buyouts/disputes, Divorce (marital dissolution) - LITIGATION REQUIRES CERTIFIED APPRAISAL
    • Valuing minority and majority ownership
    • Valuing stock
    • ESOPs

 Non Certified Valuations (Normalize financials, apply multiple to SDE or EBITDA):
    • Insuring your business
    • Basic succession / retirement planning
    • Buyers: Strategic Valuation  (what you might want to buy business for)
    • Sellers: Intrinsic Value (what you want to market business for to sell it)