Growth  & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Growth & Exit Strategies | Valuations | Commercial Real Estate
Transform Your Business with the Exit in Mind

What's Your Business Worth?

Succession Planning - Retirement Exits

  • Will your family want the business? Buy-Sell agreements in place?
  • What happens if you are too ill to work? Who keeps it going?
  • Create an Optimized Lifestyle Strategy after exiting your business and integrate into your Aging Journey Plan! 
  • ​Design and Document Your Aging Journey Plan so your family knows your choices! Legal, Financial, Medical, Reverse Mortgages, Housing, Downsizing, Assisted Living Decisions, ANYTHING related to Mature Living transitions!
White Paper: How an Owner's Age Impacts Their Attitude Towards Exit
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Selling  / Mergers Acquisitions / ESOP

  • -Open Market (Traditional Retail Sale) : A valuation may be needed by the buyer
  • Merger/Acquisitions:  Mergers will typically require 2 valuations
  • To Our Network of Acquisition Partners
  • ESOP: Employee benefit plan that invests in common stock and provides capital and tax advantages. Done ANNUALLY to determine fair price per share. 
  • A valuation might also be needed when a business reorganizes capital structure, splits up, or files for bankruptcy while in liquidation or reorganization. 

Estate, Gift Tax, Tax planning

  • Taxes: At time of sale, the purchaser and the seller need to record the sale correctly per IRS guidelines. Inconsistent or incorrect allocation of the purchase price may increase tax liability and possible penalties.
  • Probate:  business valuations might be needed to file an estate tax return and provide guidance to the personal representative. 
  • Gift Tax: Minimizing the estate tax will require a business or business interest valuation 

Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST)

Defer taxes - Grow portfolios - Minimize risk

DSTs are alternatives to 1031 exchanges:

  • the DST can hold your money until the “Right Deal”  is found
  • Can rescue from a failing 1031 exchange
  • Used for asset protection as well

Buy/sell Agreements and Insurance 

  • Buy/sell agreements allow an owner in a closely-held business to acquire another owner’s interest, if the other owner exits (e.g., death, retirement)
  • Key Person Insurance: Insurance necessary to cover business interest value if something were to happen to the "key person". Insurance could payout value to the owner’s family to continue the owner’s role or buy themselves out of the owner’s role. These rules are subject to buy/sell agreements and terms within the key person’s insurance policy.

SBA loans and other types of financing when required

  • Sometimes needed for underwriting a loan.
  • Financial statements are historical.  Valuations provide the bank with the fair market value to support a loan, similar to home a home appraiser provides home values for a mortgage.

Litigation: Buyout Disputes, Marital Dissolution

Litigation requires a CERTIFIED Valuation